e-Services Login Request for Organisation

Link NCSS account with Corppass
  1. Corppass is required should you need to perform any of the following transactions:
    1. NCSS Membership Enquiry
    2. SSI Course Registration
    3. Funding Application
  2. To apply for Corppass account, please visit www.corppass.gov.sg.
  3. To ease the transition to Corppass, please access the user guides via the hyperlink for more information: https://www.corppass.gov.sg/corppass/common/userguides.
  4. The form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  5. Please have the following information ready when submitting the request:
    1. Particulars of Organisation (e.g. Organisation Name, Unique Entity Number (UEN), Address, Telephone Number)
    2. Particulars of Head of Organisation, Contact Person and Organisation Administrator.
    3. If the Head of Organisation is delegating or appointing a second Organisation Administrator for NCSS E-Services, please prepare a duly completed and scanned form to Change/Add Organisation Administrator. Click button "Download Form" to get the forms. (Applicable to Funding Application only)
      Download Form
    4. Supporting Documents for the Application. (i.e Governing Instrument, Audited Financial Statements for the Last Two Years and Latest Annual Report)(Applicable to NCSS Membership Enquiry only)