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Case Management in Practice: Introduction 14.00 Learn more
Case Management in Practice: Transfer of Expertise 28.00 Learn more
Case Management: Child Centric (Generic) 21.00 Learn more
Case Management: Collaborating with Multi-stressed Families 21.00 Learn more
Certificate in Education Studies (Special Education) 70.00 Learn more
Certificate in Para-Counselling 60.00 Learn more
Certificate in Peer Support 180.00 Learn more
Certificate in Residential Care for Children and Young Persons 38.00 Learn more
Certified User for Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) 21.00 Learn more
Charities Accounting Standard and its Application 14.00 Learn more
Charity Portal & Governance Evaluation Checklist (Mandarin) 3.00 Learn more
Classroom Behaviour Management: Preventive & Developmental Approach 14.00 Learn more
Coaching and Mentoring Youths Effectively 14.00 Learn more
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Intermediate 21.00 Learn more
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Introduction 14.00 Learn more
Collaborative Skills for Effective Youth Programmes 14.00 Learn more
Communicate Effectively with Seniors 14.00 Learn more
Communicate Effectively with Seniors (Mandarin) 14.00 Learn more
Communities of Practice - How to start and cultivate communities to learn and build capabilities? 10.50 Learn more
Communities of Practice: Job Coaches in the Disability Sector (Physical and Sensory Impairments) 6.00 Learn more

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