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Course Name Course Dates Duration (hours) Closing Date Nett Fees*
SSNet FSC Front Desk Officer Instructor Led Training 4.00 Learn more
SSNet FSC Reports Training 7.00 Learn more
SSTI Alumni Tea 3.50 Learn more
Strategic Thinking for Impactful Outcomes in Non-profits 14.00 Learn more
Strategies for Development of Hand Function, Pre-writing and Handwriting Skills for Children 8.00 Learn more
Strengthening Social Service Response to the Economic Downturn 7.00 Learn more
Student Engagement Series 3.00 Learn more
Suicide Prevention and Management for Seniors 10.50 Learn more
Suicide Prevention And Management For Seniors (Block Book) 10.50 Learn more
Supervise Effectively with Fieldwork Education Concepts and Tools 14.00 Learn more
Supporting and Enabling Children and Families in Divorce 21.00 Learn more
Survey Research and Quantitative Analysis 14.00 Learn more
Syariah Family Law for Social Service Professionals 8.00 Learn more
Systemic Perspective Approach in Case Conceptualisation 14.00 Learn more
Systems Thinking for NPO Managers: The Leader As A Catalyst for Team Insight (Intermediate) 14.00 Learn more
Tackling Cyber Addiction in Youths 21.00 Learn more
Teambuilding and Leadership Development for NPO Leaders 14.00 Learn more
Techniques in Couple Counselling 21.00 Learn more
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Programme for NCSS Members 14.00 Learn more
The Application of Quality of Life Tool in Caring Services for the Elderly 7.00 Learn more

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