Assisting Persons with Disabilities

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Full Course Fee $ 649.00 $ 694.43
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This course provides an overview of how professional caregivers can best provide assistance to a person with disabilities. Learners will be introduced to the various types of disabilities as well as medical conditions which lead to disability, such as stroke and Cerebral Palsy. Learners will also gain the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with persons with disabilities through the use of case studies; In addition, learners will learn about safe transfer and ambulation techniques in assisting a person with disabilities to move about, through practical demonstration, while undertaking safety measures to ensure their own well-being as a caregiver.

Target Participants:

Target audience includes healthcare assistants, drivers of wheelchair transport vans and training officers in social service organisations.
The skills and knowledge for this course, which the learner is assumed to possess, are as follows:
• Be able to listen and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 6
• Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 6
• Be able to use numeracy skills equivalent to the Employability Skills System Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 6

Learning Outcome:

1. Describe the different types of disabilities
2. Explain the principles for communicating with persons with disabilities
3. Apply safe transfer techniques in moving persons with disabilities in and out of wheelchair
4. Assist a person with disabilities in ambulating with a device


Learners who meet the attendance criteria will be awarded with an electronic Certificate of Achievement from SSI. You will receive an email notification when your e-Cert is ready for download in your NCSS e-Services account.

This course will be conducted at:

SPD Headquarters
2 Peng Nguan Street
SPD Ability Centre
Singapore 168955

Please click here for directions. Details will be shared with successful applicants nearer the course date.

Fee Remarks:

SSG funding is available for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

VCF funding is available for foreigners who are staff of member VWOs of NCSS via Direct Training Application.

Terms and conditions apply.

Trainer Profile:

Ms Ong Yu Yuan is an Occupational Therapist from SPD (formerly known as Society for the Physically Disabled). She has graduated from Queen Margaret University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy. Yu Yuan has special interest in working with the adult and geriatric population and has 5 years of working experience in various setting such as day rehabilitation centres and nursing homes. She started working with clients in the field of assistive technology in 2015, specifically in assessment, prescription and fitting of wheelchair seating and powered mobility aids for persons with neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. She has also completed the Senior Eye Rehabilitation (SEER) pilot programme in 2018 where she provided home rehabilitation for seniors with low vision. She has experiences conducting workshops to healthcare professionals on powered mobility devices use; training on how to assist someone with mobility problems as well as provided talks on disability awareness and wheelchair handling skills for SPD staff and wheelchair transport drivers.

Since Ms Nadiah Binte Muhamed Amin's graduation in Nanyang Polytechnic in 2014, she has been working as a clinician in the long-term, community sector in SPD. She works closely with adults and elderly clients in the Day Rehabilitation setting who are mostly referred for neurologic and orthopaedic conditions to maximise their functional recovery. She has also worked in partnership with other organisations, like nursing homes and community hospitals, under SPD’s Therapy Hub Project. Nadiah believes that her role as a therapist is to facilitate individuals to better manage their day-to-day activities in hopes of improving their quality of life. Apart from providing physiotherapy interventions and prescribing assistive aids, she conducts training to their respective caregivers as many clients with disabilities may still require additional assistance in performing some of their daily tasks.

Mr Teng Cher Wei (Winson) graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapist from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2014. He also completed his degree in Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2017. He has been a physiotherapist for over 3 years with SPD. Winson has attended to patients with wide array of conditions, primarily neurology, orthopedic and geriatric related. He had involved himself in a training programme to a group of drivers in 2018, sharing knowledge and skills in the area of assisting people with needs, different types of medical conditions and other areas that relates to their daily responsibility in taking care of their patients.

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