Youth Gangsterism & Violence

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Children, Youth and Family

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Course Fee (Before Funding) $ 995.00 $ 1064.65
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· Values of youth gang members
· Ice-breaking phase
· Understanding gang dynamics
· Gang work
· Group therapy
· Individual work
· Handling deviant behaviour/crises

Target Participants:

Social workers, youth workers, school counsellors and teachers, policy makers and other practitioners working in the school settings

Learning Outcome:

· Acquire a deeper understanding of the value base of gang members
· Determine how to meet the tests and needs of youngsters during the ice-breaking phase
· Identify gang dynamics and their influences on youngsters
· Name and practice a gang intervention strategy
· Determine the significance of degrouping a gang and how to use such skills
· Demonstrate therapeutic group techniques to change the deviant behaviour of youngsters
· Identify methods to handle deviant behaviour and crises encountered by the youngsters

Trainer Profile:

T Wing Lo, PhD (Cantab), is a renowned scholar in youth services, juvenile delinquency and criminal justice in Hong Kong. He had been involved, in the capacity of team leader, in over twenty research projects in the last ten years. Among them were large-scale blueprint studies commissioned by the Hong Kong and Macau Governments. The studies had very strong policy implications and guided the development of services for young people and young offenders. He is currently conducting several large-scale research projects on workplace violence prevention, support service for police-cautioned youth, and residential child care services in Macau. Because of his significant contributions to the development of services for young people and young offenders in Hong Kong and Macau, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the 3rd Applied Research Excellence Award, City University of Hong Kong.

Before joining City University of Hong Kong in 1990, Prof. Lo had been a frontline youth worker for 17 years. He is now the founding director of its Youth Studies Net and teaches social work, counselling and criminology for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Apart from youth work, he also excels in Group Counselling

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