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Advanced Certificate in Supported Employment aims to build capabilities of job coaches in providing employment and employability support for persons with disabilities. There are a total of 6 modules in this certificate programme.
This module will equip job coaches for PWD with counselling skills to work more effectively with their clients. It includes having an overview of the counselling process; the different roles performed by the job coach-counsellor; basic counselling skills; goals of counselling; values and ethics in counselling and approaches in problem management. This also includes barriers of communication in the counselling process and how job coaches can prevent communication breakdown when working with clients.

Target Participants:

Target audience includes job coaches and other professionals working with persons with disabilities (PWDs) in supported employment. This programme is also useful for those considering entry into this area of work.
The participant for this programme is assumed to possess:
• A minimum of three GCE ‘O’ Level credits and a minimum English Language (speaking, reading, writing and listening) proficiency level equivalent to C6 GCE ‘O’ level or Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 6.

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:
1. Explain the counselling process when working with the client
2. Examine the roles of a counsellor and guiding principles of counselling
3. Apply effective listening skills during counselling
4. Address barriers of communication in the counselling process



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Trainer Profile:

Alice is also a Family Education consultant, training specialist, family life resource speaker and counsellor with more than 15 years of experience in family life education and counselling, specializing in children, families and working adults.

She has a Masters in Counselling with the University of South Australia, Bachelor of Arts in Children & Family Education and an Advance Diploma in Early Childhood Studies from Edith Cowan University. Alice is also a certified behaviour analyst and facilitator in ‘Torn Asunder’ (Affair Recovery Programme).

Over the years, Alice has accumulated vast experience in conducting interactive talks/workshops/trainings for singles, women, couples, parents, volunteers/befrienders, mentors, inmates, social workers and teachers in various settings, such as childcare centres, parents' support groups, churches, family service centres, Social Service organisations, government agencies, schools, corporate organisations, drug rehabilitation centre, prisons, WINGS, the Family Court, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

Alice has also been featured as a guest speaker / counsellor with FM 93.8 in ‘Between Us’ and youth-related issues.

Alice is very passionate about work-life balance, communication, relationship dynamics and helping / counselling children, individuals and their families in personal developmental issues, work-related and family-related matters such as parenting, and marital issues. Alice enjoys what she is doing because she believes that the work she is doing can make a difference in people’s lives.

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