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Session 9: About ED Compensation (28 February 2018)

Where does Executive Compensation start? What is the Board’s role in determining Executive Director’s pay? What are the components to consider for an Executive Director’s pay package? What are the challenges for this sector?

Compensation is often a topic that peaks interests but not often broadly shared. What is finally shared, or sound bites through the grapevine, could be a partial view that obscures the kinds of considerations and decision making required for sound practices.

In this session, you will learn about the drivers and key components to consider in making Executive Director’s pay decisions. You can share and discuss challenges in particular to the sector in breakout sessions.


• Build your CEO’s agenda and understand why it is important to have one

• Learn about executive pay components

• Take away on how to ensure linkages for sound executive pay practice

Target Participants:

Board Volunteers of registered charities and IPCs


Seats are limited. Strictly for Board members only.
SSI reserves the right to limit the number of places per agency, depending on the sign-up.

Fee Remarks:

Applicable for registered charities and IPCs. Please refer to to check your eligibility.

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