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(OLD)Special Events - Conference

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Community of Practice (CoP) is a self-governed group of practitioners who help each other achieveexcellence in their work. These communities have existed informally in organisations but their existence and contributions have hardly been recognised. As a result, these communities hae rarely achieved their full potential to bring performance to a higher level.

Leading organisations in the private and public sectors have discovered that thse communities are the ideal vehicle for engaging practitioners to developing strategic capabilities. These organisations realise that there is much they can do to cultivate communities intentionally and integrate them within their own organisations.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

a) Define Community of Practice (CoP)

b) Distinguish CoP from other organisational structures

c) Explain the key elements of CoP and articulate the value received from participating in CoPs

Target Participants:

All social service professionals


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Fee Remarks:

Course Fees: FREE Admission*
Admission only by pre-seminar registration on our website.
Replacement & Priority:
*Full seminar fee of $50 per participant will be imposed for any no-show.
Participants are allowed to look for replacement if they are unable to turn up for the event.

Trainer Profile:


Principal Consultant, Centre for OD
Civil Service College

Gopinathan is a Principal Consultant with the Civil Service College (CSC). He has co-facilitated workshops on Communities of Practice (CoP) with Prof Etienne Wenger who is a globally recognised thought leader in the field of CoP. Gopi has conducted customized workshops on CoP for public agencies, including a workshop for Vice Principals of Schools from the North Zone. Gopi has also provided advice and/or helped launch a few CoPs within the Singapore Public Service including MOF, PSD, MOE, MICA, MFA, MOM, MND, MOH, Singapore Polytechnic, IPOS, CSC, CCS, IDA and IAL.

Gopi has also recently completed a study on CoP adoption among organisations in the Singapore Public Service. He continually engages CoP leaders to provide advice and build a body of knowledge on CoP. He is also a part time lecturer for the Master of Science (KM) programme offered by Nanyang Technological University and has recently lectured an elective course on CoP.

He is also experienced in developing and implementing information and Knowledge Management (KM) systems for Private and Public Service organisations. He is a certified corporate KM trainer by Knowledge Associates Ltd, Cambridge UK and has developed and delivered KM training workshops for CSC. He is trained by American Productivity Quality Centre, a leading centre in KM research and benchmarking, on its consulting approach, products & services. His recent achievements include the development of a KM roadmap for the Singapore Public Service. He has also mentored government officials from Abu Dhabi on KM.

A speaker at several conferences and seminars, Gopi is often called upon as a resource person for KM and CoP within the Singapore Public Service.

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