Application of Group Therapy Principles By Rehabilitation Support Staff

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Cross Sector

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Course Fee (Before Funding) $ 250.00 $ 267.50
Course Fee (After 80% funding from VCF) $ 50.00 $ 53.50


Course Outline:
• Various types of groups in group therapy settings
• Therapeutic benefits of groups
• Five-stage group approach
• Writing a group treatment protocol
• Setting group goals
• Patterns of behaviour that are typical within groups
• Basic group communication techniques
• Group therapy and considerations for special client groups
• The principle of “therapeutic use of self”

Target Participants:

Rehabilitation programme support staff working in disability and elderly sectors. Therapy assistants and junior therapists who are new to the social service sector and are required to manage their clients in groups

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able:
• Explain group dynamics and how they can assist in the group development process
• Practise basic group therapy in work settings

Trainer Profile:

Mr Abhimanyau Pal is a trained occupational therapist. He has a master degree in health services management with a post-graduate qualification in business administration. Mr Pal has worked with children, adults as well as elderly population with various clinical conditions. He has special interests in working with government and non-government agencies including business corporations, hospitals as well as with community organisations to plan and develop new services and programmes and work on the quality issues involved in non-profit sector.

For more than 10 years, Mr Pal has provided the leadership, direction and motivation to drive and implement many rehabilitative programmes for elderly and people with disabilities in the community which includes post acute rehabilitation centres, paediatric rehabilitation centres, education programmes for students with disabilities in mainstream education system, social work and case management departments, day activity centres as well the sheltered employment programmes.

He took part in many national initiatives and sat in different committees like Enabling Master Plan sub-committee to review national policies on disabilities and was a committee member which offered feedback on the inter-ministerial committee on ageing population in Singapore and many others.

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