Working with Single and Separated Fathers (Complimentary Workshop)

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Children, Youth and Family

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This will be a highly interactive programme with participants being given the opportunity to practice some of the essential skills needed to work with single and separated fathers. The train-the-trainer programme is designed to enable participants to conduct the Staying Connected Program. The course will cover:

• Introductions and overview

• The history of approaches to working with fathers
- Why? What has driven these programs? What are the expected outcomes?
- Where? Where have they been conducted (e.g. community, workplace)?
- How? What processes have been used?
- What? What impact have they had? What do the evaluations tell us?
- Examples of effective approaches, e.g. Staying Connected

• Participant views about their opportunities and challenges in working with single and separated fathers

• Overall framework for working with fathers
- Identifying the diversity of needs
- Engaging fathers
- Essential practitioner knowledge and skills
- Effective learning processes for fathers

• Overview of an approach to working with fathers based on:
- Different content areas (e.g. personal well-being; father-child relationships; co-parenting relationships)
- Examples of activities and processes
- Timing and resource needs

• Facilitator demonstration of effective approaches from Staying Connected

• Participant practice of essential skills (conducted in small groups) and evaluated in terms of:
- Strengths of the approach
- Opportunities for improvement

• Outline of an evaluation framework for working with fathers

• Reflections, review and the design of continuous learning process

Target Participants:

Social service professionals, including social workers, counsellors, case managers, programme coordinators/ managers and volunteers of voluntary welfare organisations; family life educators, school administrators, and other professionals who work with families and fathers

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, participants, in their work with single and separated fathers will be able to:

• Describe the diversity of fathers and their needs

• Articulate the essential characteristics of successful approaches to working with these fathers

• Apply a range to skills in their work with fathers, with particular emphasis on improving:
- The well-being of fathers
- The quality of father-child relationships
- Outcomes for children
- The quality of co-parenting relationships

• Identify their own best opportunities to engage with this group of fathers

• Identify the opportunities and challenges involved in working with fathers such as: (i) gender issues; (ii) engaging with fathers in different contexts, e.g. the community, the workplace

• Identify and apply duty of care requirements in working with fathers

• Engage with other practitioners to implement a process of continuous learning

• Conduct the Staying Connected Programme

Fee Remarks:

Complimentary (Fully funded by Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports)

Full course fee of $150* per participant will be imposed for any no-show. Participants are allowed to look for replacement if they are not able to turn up for the conference.

Priority will be given to the target audience as listed above.

*No show fee is stated before GST

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Please click here for more information on Dr Graeme Russell

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