Management of Family Violence: Introduction to Child Abuse and Child Protection

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Children, Youth and Family

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The course will educate participants on the different types of child abuse and neglect and the impact of such on children and young persons. Taking into consideration various factors existing within the family and the systems in place to protect children and young persons, participants will be able to assess the levels of concern and identify the appropriate strategies for intervention. This course will also highlight the importance of workers’ reflecting on their personal values on issues of abuse and neglect as this has a significant impact on their work in protecting children and young persons.

Target Participants:

Child protection workers, school counsellors, medical social workers, police officers, social workers, school personnel, counsellors and social service practitioners who are involved in working with children and young persons.

Learners are assumed to possess an English Language (speaking, reading, writing and listening) proficiency level equivalent to:
- GCE ‘O’ level OR
- Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 6

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Examine the impact of different types of abuse, neglect and family violence on children and young persons

2. Illustrate the existing systems, procedures and legislation in Singapore for protecting children and safeguarding children’s interest, and managing child protection cases

3. Analyse the protective and risk factors existing in the family to determine intervention strategies

4. Relate the impact of personal values of the caseworker on abuse and neglect to their work with affected children and young persons


Please note that this course will be conducted online via Zoom (click to learn more about Zoom). Successful applicants will be able to access and download course materials from LearningCloud upon course confirmation. They will also be given the URL to join the Zoom course session with a unique password via email. Participants will be required to use their Name (as per NRIC) as the Zoom ID to be given access to the Zoom course session and will have to enable video view while the session is in progress.

Assessment will be scheduled after COVID-19 Circuit Breaker ends and face-to-face assessment at SSI resumes. Successful applicants are required to sit for the assessment on a separate day, to be further advised by SSI.

This course includes assessment components.
Assessment may be conducted during and/or after the course. As there is an assessment component for this course, grading and processing of results can only take place after course completion. Learners who pass the assessment(s) will be awarded with an electronic Certificate of Achievement from SSI. You will receive an email notification when your e-Cert is ready for download in your NCSS e-Services account.

Mode of delivery:
Blended (online classroom and online course materials). Learners will receive online access to courseware instead of printed materials.

Fee Remarks:

SSG funding is available for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. For more information on SSG Training Grants, please visit:
SkillsFuture Singapore Funding.
SkillsFuture Credit.

VCF funding is available for foreigners who are staff of NCSS Member Social Service Agencies via Direct Training Application.

Terms and conditions apply. Applicants of above training grants should inform SSI upon submission of your application.

Trainer Profile:

Ms Esther Chen practiced Community Based Child Protection from 2013 to late 2017 and has been in the social service sector since 2004, working mostly with children and their families. During that stint, she managed child protection cases and provided consultation and guidance to other workers conducting similar work. Some of her experience includes working with involuntary clients and young offenders. She believes that families are important to the growth and development of children and communities can help increase a child’s social capital. Part of her practice also involves supervising young social workers and students, helping them in their social work journey to hone their practice and find the areas that excite and energize them.

Ms Esther Chen has a Bachelor of Social Work from Monash University and a Masters of Social Work from the National University of Singapore.

Ms Theresa Wee has been in the Social Work field for the past 16 years working with families, out of which 10 were in Child Protection work. She has been a trainer for Child Protection courses for school counsellors, early childhood educators and various professionals. Ms Wee holds a Masters in Social Science (Social Work) from the National University of Singapore.

Serene Tan is a Senior Social Worker with Big Love, a Community Based Child Protection Specialist Centre. She is mainly involved in the direct casework management of moderate risk child protection cases referred by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to Big Love. She also oversees supervision of the staff at Big Love and manages a volunteer program, Home Based Parenting Program, which engages volunteers to provide hand-ons parenting skills training for parents who are identified with parenting difficulties.

Serene has been a social worker for 12 years and she had been mainly involved in direct casework management with clients. The clientele that she had worked with includes children and youth, cancer patients and their family members as well as families facing family violence issues. She was also involved in running group work and various programmes for children and youth in the course of her work as a social worker. She had also been conducting training in the area of family violence for both social service professionals as well as other partners. In 2013, in recognition of the work she had done with families facing family violence, she was also awarded the NFVNS Family Violence Dialogue Group Award.

Ms Lee Yoke Wen has close to 9 years of experience in the child protection system working with vulnerable children and supporting their families. Her skills cut across the entire spectrum of child protection work, from investigation, case assessment, crisis management, therapeutic intervention, to stakeholder engagement and service coordination to advocate for best practices in service delivery. Besides experience in clinical practice with families and partnership with key stakeholders, she has provided supervision, coaching, training and capability building with child protection officers and child protection practitioners in the field. She is also experienced in facilitating conflict resolution meetings with families, stakeholders as well as corporate retreats.

She strongly believes in promoting children's rights to live their best lives and reach their potential. She currently contributes in writing and providing training, facilitation, and coaching in areas relating to child abuse, family violence, trauma and divorce mediation.

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