Case Management (Child centric) -Supervisor

Course Code:


Course Category:

Children, Youth and Family

Duration (hours):



• Conceptualisation of a case management framework
• Implementation planning of the child centric case management framework
• Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of child centric case management

Target Participants:

- Senior Social Workers and above from the FSCs who be conducting child centric case management for at risk families with young children
-Each FSC is required to send one senior social worker

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Conceptualise and design an appropriate child centric case management framework to serve the needs of at risk families with young children.
• Implement appropriate monitoring, supervision and evaluation policies to establish and maintain a Best Practice standard for child centric case management.
• Demonstrate acquisition of professional knowledge and skills through undertaking specific learning tasks related to the development of child centric case management.


*Each participant can sign up for only ONE session.

Fee Remarks:

Fully funded.
* No show fee = $830

Trainer Profile:

Dr Pauline Ann Meemeduma, B.SC, MSW, DSW, MAASW (Accredited), is currently an international consultant for the development of quality service standards in children and family services. She has extensive academic and practice experience in the design and implementation of quality case management practices in the provision of social welfare services. As the head of demanding and complex services for children and families she has developed case planning and management protocols and procedures and training programmes to support staff to approach cases from a logical basis which involves a series of clearly thought out and applied steps. Her long career in social welfare service provision across thirty years means she brings to training extensive case experiences in working with children, families, children with a disability, juvenile offending and child protection.

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