Global Leader Series for Non-Profits -- Become the Agents of Change: Looking Past Your Limits to Create an Inclusive Society

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17 Oct 2018

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Leadership Development

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17 Oct 2018

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Performing Arts Theatre, SIM HQ

Application closing date : 05 Oct 2018

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“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.” - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We live in uncertain times. Whether we like it or not adversity is part of life and overcoming it is one of the biggest hurdles we face.

So how do we deal with it? How is it that some people bounce back from adversity and misfortune while others fall apart? Have you ever felt like things were stacked against you in life?

Working in non-profits with the challenges faced, all of us can benefit from becoming more resilient — better able to face our struggles, recover, and adapt. When we resolve to confront and overcome it, we become expert at dealing with it and consequently triumph over our day-to-day struggles.

Join us to learn how to deal with and overcome adversity, to build character, resilience, discipline and perseverance in tough times.

Learning Outcome:

• Develop an understanding on advancing your natural advantage
• Learn how personal values connect to motivation to overcome adversities
• Learn how to balance confidence with positive attitude, passion and determination
• Improve resilience quotient to overcome challenges in life
• Develop a personal philosophy of leadership in life to champion for causes that you believe in
• Learn how to turn setbacks into comebacks with the support of family and friends
• Articulate and appreciate the advices of an Olympian for life success
• Be empowered to create an inclusive and supportive environment for people of all walks of life to succeed
• Connect and establish new relationships with all involved for a shared vision of inclusiveness, equity and service

Target Participants:

- Anyone who is part of the non-profit community or has an interest to build an inclusive society
- Corporates
- Individuals who wish to get inspired and embolden their personal strengths by the sharings of the astounding speakers
- Tertiary Students

Trainer Profile:

1) Ms Malvika Iyer, Bomb Blast Survivor, Social Worker, Disability Rights Activist and Fashion Model
2) Mr Raul Krauthausen, Disability Rights Activist, Social Startup Entrepreneur
3) Dr William Tan, Neuroscientist & Physician, World Records Holder Paralympian, Author & International Inspirational Speaker
4) Mr Mark Chay, Olympian, Sportsman of the Year (2001), Chairman & CEO, International Sports Academy


Kindly indicate to SSI, by emailing us at, if you have special needs and will require further assistance.

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This event will be held at:

Performing Arts Theatre, SIM HQ
Block D, Level 1
461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491

Fee Remarks:

For Registered Charities and IPCs & Members of the Public:
- Bundle Promotion (Buy 3, Get 1 Free): SGD 450
- Per Pax: SGD 150

For Students:
- Bundle Promotion (Buy 3, Get 1 Free): SGD 210
- Per Pax: SGD 70

For Corporates:
- Bundle Promotion (Buy 3, Get 1 Free): SGD 810
- Per Pax: SGD 270

Fees shown above are before GST.

Please note that conference fees will be chargeable for withdrawal or non-attendance after confirmation email has been sent.


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